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Ave Regina Caelorum

Ave Regina Caelorum (“Queen of Heaven”) is a traditional Catholic prayer that could be spoken or sung from the Marian antiphons (“Songs of Mary”). This text has been set by composers such as Guillaume Du Fay, Tomás Luis de Victoria, Marc-Antoine Charpentier, and Joseph Haydn. This interpretation of the text is reflective and personal, with a chant-like melody representing Mary calming the rest of the world. Ave Regina Caelorum was composed as a gift for my new friend Dr. Tod Fish to thank him for all of his work he does for Stephen F. Austin State University, the community of Nacogdoches, and for the music community as a whole.

Duration: 3:00

Voicing: SSATBB

Premier: Stephen F. Austin State University  Dr. Tod Fish, conductor

Publisher: Self-Published

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