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I Am Not Yours

An American poet and lyricist born in St. Louis, Missouri, Sara Teasdale is most recognized for her poetic themes of love, nature, and death. In 1918, she won the Columbia University Poetry Society Prize (which later became the Pulitzer Prize) for her book of poetry Love Songs (1917). Though she was raised in a sheltered atmosphere, Sara expressed her appreciation and passion for beauty and life in her poetry. Her legacy as a writer continues to be admired by poets and composers to this day.


The setting of this work expresses the hollowness of longing and intimacy to be with the one you love. This interpretation begins with a single tone that is followed by the two-note motif in the top melodic line to give a feeling of hollowness, your longing to be with the one you admire. This motive is heard throughout the entirety of the work as the thought of wanting to be with them keeps returning.

This work is dedicated to Dr. Z. Randall Stroope and the Oklahoma State University Concert Chorale


Duration: 4:05


Voicing: SATB divisi.


Publisher: Colla Voice Music LLC

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