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Lux Aeterna

Though this text is centered around the comfort and rest to the recently departed, the concept of this interpretation of the text is focused on the celebration and continuation of life. The use of the pedal tones represents the idea of a continuing and "eternal" life that we physically, spiritually, and emotionally have through our loved ones. The ascending lines seen throughout the work represent the light shining upon them as if they are looking up for what is to come in life's next stage. This build-up of emotional intensity heightens and releases itself as the final celebration of this life into the next.


When rehearsing this work, the performers should take great care in the fluidity of each phrase, proper text stresses, that the breath is supported throughout, and allowing the longer notes to generate energy so as to not sound lethargic. Mastering each of these concepts from the beginning will yield extraordinary results. Each note, phrase, and musical characteristic is important to each other from the first entrance of the work to the final cut-off.

Duration: 4:00


Voicing: SATB divisi.


Premier: Missouri Western State University Chamber Choir

Dr. Elise Hepworth, conductor


Publisher: Self-Published

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