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Loving Soul

The moon crest over the hill and soon there will be light.

This light at the day will save us from this dark night.

And if you call my name, as we are bold to pray for dreams are never bashful.

O Lord, grant gentle passing to those who are gone away with

streams of white and shades of gold to remind my heart of this loving soul.
Embrace them, comfort them, love them as I do.

Text by Kathryn J.E. Barnes

This work was originally composed as a gift for a dear friend who had lost their mother. With the help of my wife, who wrote this emotional and heartfelt text, we were able to bring the light back to our friend. Loving Soul reminds us that even though we may have dark times in our lives, the light, no matter how dim, will come back. Think of a cloudy day, the “streams of white [light]” will always shine through eventually.

Duration: 3:25


Voicing: SATB accompanied


Premier: Regents Academy Chamber Choir

David W. Brewer, conductor


Publisher: Self-Published

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