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Ave Maria

Ave Maria (The Hail Mary) is a traditional Catholic prayer pleading Mary Magdalene to pray for them through intercession (a prayer on behalf of another). It is practiced throughout many different groups of the Catholic tradition including Anglicans, Independent Catholics, and Old Catholics. It wasn't until the mid-13th century that the addition of "Maria" was said after the word "Ave" by Saint Thomas Aquinas.



In honor of my great friend Cody Michael Bradley and his position at Loyola College in Chicago, Ave Maria is a work that takes inspiration from chant ideals, with each part being its own individual line while still being able to mold with the other lines. It is absolutely imperative that the fluidity of each vocal line be taken care of early in rehearsing this work. With the help of Jordan Andrews on the accompaniment collaboration, this piece is meant as a gift of music from both of us to a friend that influenced us through our years at Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, Missouri.

Duration: 4:25

Voicing: SSA divisi. accompanied

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